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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wordle-ing on Dona Marta

Categories: s1 and s2
Home a bit early today after a meeting, so thought I'd post up the response from s1 to the edited 'City of Men' clip. I started the lesson by flying to the top of the hill in Dona Marta in Google Earth, where the 'boss' stayed, and we had a brief discussion about the location. I had loads of great questions about favelas from the previous day and am just sorry I couldn't give time to answer them all, but this really seems to have fired the imagination. I then showed a Wordle where I'd pasted in the text from an article about someone who had been on three favela tours. I expected this to be quite positive. Here it is below:-

I then set some work for the remainder of the period and invited students up to fill in what the clip made them think about in relation to favelas such as Dona Marta. This was very different:-

My intentions are to look at both of these again after the topic is finished and simply ask for a judgement from students-which one is closer to the truth?


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