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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What are we talking about?

Categories: Hydrosphere
Here are some of the responses to my 140 character task from Monday. I have to say, most people found this very challenging trying to condense knowledge down to this size, but I am happy that at least for short time I had you really thinking about what you had to write! I never counted spaces. Some text speak and some real English thrown in along the way now and again:-

Precip = runoff + evap. All d precip finds way 2 grnd. D wtr in d grnd will reach field capacity 2 give surplus of wtr and rise in wtr tbl. Soil moist defic. = lil precip + lots evap

Chngs all yr, precip = evapotrans + runoff. Jan- May =surplus of H2O. May- Oct = soil moist deficiency. Oct-Nov = recharge

Open system, inputs r precip, output flows 2 C/lake. Rainfall caught in H2Oshed- outer limit of drnge bsn in2 catchment. H20 transfrd thru syst and stored. Size n shape influence r/o

H2O clecs in H2Oshed from lf drp, nfltrtn, precip. Then goes 2 rivr/ out of bsn thru runoff, thruflo, grnd wtr flw, chan flo. sum evaps, is intrcptd on way.

Some little innacuracies here and there, but in the circumstances, good stuff! There were more responses which were very similar to the ones above, so apologies if your work is not represented :-)


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