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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last day of SAGT-ing...

Categories: Urban, Industry, Games and Quizzes
This would have been the 11th idea from SAGT providing it had worked. I've created a quiz using content generator software. It's as a bit of Paris revision for s4 who have the assessment on Tuesday. If I manage to resolve the issues I'm having saving it, I'll edit this post to include it. If not, I'll have some variation of the activity in less tech-y form. I'm also including a dustbin drag and drop for Industrial Location from classtools. This, fortunately, I have been able to work :-s

Click here for full screen version

Each activity is sandwiched by a past paper activity. I'm out tomorrow morning (and have a vast amount of reading to do for meeting beforehand), so I've left work for Higher and Advanced. Will talk to s1 about favela building activity period 6.


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