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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little Fluffy Clouds

Categories: s1 and s2

I'm using ideas from a SAGT presentation I didn't have the good fortune to attend for tomorrow's lessons. I use Google Earth a lot in the class, daily and across the year groups, but in all the lessons I've taught, I've never used the weather layer. Ollie Bray had a list of things to try in GE from his session on his blog, and I picked up on both the gallery and the weather layer. I also added the street view layer. Tomorrow when we are studying Japan, after our Japanese greetings, I think we'll have a quick weather forecast for the country.

Ollie had also indicated the usefulness of the gallery- there is just so much information on here. There is physical Geography through the active volcanoes, recent earthquakes and photographic content which are represented, and there are umpteen youtube videos, webcams, images, GPS tracks, panoramas and more to allow students to really explore. There's even a Kyoto city guide. I don't really think this would work with me talking to the class for any time about it. I think if I get the chance, I'll just let you explore in pairs for limited time slots.

Lastly, street view is a good way to explore the bigger cities. This is also available in Google Maps which all students should be able to access if we get a computer room. Certainly worth spending a bit of time on for your projects.


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