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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Quick Quiz for Advanced Higher

Categories: Advanced Higher

As it's a while since we've looked at GMT's, here is some revision work for tomorrow.

If you were looking to analyse the following, what tests would you use?

1) Land price in relation to distance from the city centre

2) The % of ethnic minorities in London boroughs

3) The relationship between land use and underlying rock type

4) Settlement size and the number of services

5) The age structure of the population in East Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire

For a Spearmans Rank test and a Chi Square test, what sample size would you say is reliable?

Name one weakness of using standard deviation to compare data

For a river study comparing gradient and velocity, you have used a Spearmans Rank test to check for correlation. What are the problems with using this test?

Choose one of the 5 scenarios above. Describe how you would conduct your fieldwork to collect the data you needed. Consideration should be given to sampling, potential difficulties, times etc

If you manage to get all the answers, I don't think I'll subject you to another stats test just yet, but might ask you to do this


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