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Monday, November 03, 2008

A bit of help yourself

Categories: s1 and s2

No relation to previous rant. Keen to get back to the positive now. I think the favelas were a great success today. It was pleasing to see some not-so-obvious groupings working so well together. I dread the mess from this period, but every time we do it, I see the absolute value in it. I'll try to get the camera out tomorrow for blogging purposes. All of which brings us nicely to self-help schemes in the favelas, effectively what you were doing today with your trades and your teamwork. I'll show a short video clip tomorrow and then we'll do an activity about improving your favela. You'll be given some points to spend and it's really up to groups how you do this. I think I'll keep today's groups for continuity.

Simple period tomorrow with s2. We're mapping Japan. I think I'll take the opportunity to print some of your magazine covers off, and maybe share them on an old s2 wiki page. I'll again let some students explore Japan through Google Earth as blogged previously.


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