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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bit of a lucky bag

Categories: Games and Quizzes, s1 and s2
Right, a while ago I managed to use this in class with s4 as a prelude to the NAB. I don't know if this will download (I already have this on my laptop), and as archive is blocked at school, could someone let me know if this works? Apologies about spelling if I've mixed up my s's and z's. I also have a match up game, which I'll put here if the download works.
My Advanced Higher were a great help to me today when we split s1 into groups of 5 and interviewed them about climate change and how they see it affecting them. Our link school is taking part in Children in a Changing Climate, and I wanted to send them some of our responses as a comaprison to their own. Groups all participated really well, and I have to say I'll be sorry to see both s1 rotaton classes move on. Between tomorrow and Friday, I'll try to involve classes in displays of your work, but will also get a bit of feedback about your time in Geography.
Noel Jenkins blogged tonight about Microsoft Live Search maps, and I downloaded this to have a look at it. I used this ages ago through the browser, but the 3D imagery now is outstanding. Tokyo is stunning, as the screenshot below shows.

I always have a laugh with my s1 when they explore Google Earth, as the first place they head for is their house. Well, I made the same journey myself tonight, and was surprised to find an excellent birds eye view that can't be more than a year and a half old:

It also looks as though my car is about to get flattened by the bus in the picture, but fortunately it's just about in one piece still. Have also been navigating the stars tonight thanks to Keir Clarke, not subject related, but definitely worth a peek.

One of my s2 girls has mentioned a couple of anime films that she has seen, and raves about. One, Spirited Away, seems to have been big news in the aniamtion world. I have a book in class about anime art. I think I'll show the clip below of the film (in Japanese) and see if anyone is willing to have a go at some artwork at home for our soon to be burgeoning Japan display.

I'll probably do the Mount Unzen 6 x 6 activity tomorrow, providing I can cadge enough dice from learning support. Need to find this file as the laminated copies seem to have went walkabout :-(


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