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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When is teaching not teaching?

Categories: Geography General
It's been fascinating to watch people vote on my question on Ask 500 people in the last 24 hours. After a few hours, there had been very little in reply. I asked some colleagues in various parts of the British Isles for their vote to get us started, but this was rapidly overtaken by votes from the States. There have been votes from every continent bar the big cold one at the bottom, and the variation in response has been very interesting. Although I am not in the position to use the results yet, I am very pleased with the discussion and impact potential from these results to the present. Thanks to anyone who contributed to the vote through twitter or sln.
Tomorrow is a strange day as I don't really find myself teaching much despite a full timetable. I have double Higher, who have a NAB assessment, double Advanced Higher, who will be working on a nearest neighbour map exercise (looking at the enormous number of dams a few miles from us) - more here -and s1 who I hope to do a couple of periods of Malawi link work with before the change in rotation, a ready made resource for how climate change affects our lives in Scotland. Will try to finally do some marking during this precious time then :-(


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