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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Population, doubled

Categories: Population, s1 and s2

Pop Growth

Get your own at Scribd or explore others:

This is just an idea I've been toying with for Higher as a starter tomorrow, really just to trigger some thinking about population growth and where countries fit in the spectrum of the Demographic Transition. I never really got using this site last time, so it will be a nice way to introduce the topic before starting on the theory. I'll also be using scribd for my s1 starter for the new rotation of first year, while s2 are working on a group writing 6x6 activity based around an eruption of Mount Unzen. We might get finished this, and will be looking at population (snap!) in Japan next. Using an idea from Ollie Bray, while introducing this topic, a running flickr slideshow would be a very visual way of forming your opinions on this. I had a look at this tonight as preview, and the images are mostly very relevant to what we'll explore in this section. I should be marking NABs just now, which I thought I'd lifted and haven't, so it looks like an early trip to work tomorrow...


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