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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Other People's Voices

Categories: Population, Geography General
I was browsing through some of my del.icio.us links tonight for Higher Population. This led me to the BBC leaning zone clips, such as the one below:

Nice starter for population growth. What makes a population grow rapidly? Why have experts had to revise their forecasts? Indeed, there are a few relevant clips for later on ageing populations, so might be worth a browse for students too. I will probably do a quick terminology exercise too, a population mythbuster, followed by use of these Welsh NGFL resources, which all worked quite well last year.
I have been really benefitting from Twitter lately, and tonight was pointed towards a truly brilliant tool for use in the class by Noel Jenkins, Vocaroo. This is just so easy to use and can be brought into so many lesson situations. Also gives me an option for the Woices task on Monday should recording through Audacity take too long (only have it on one machine)-could switch to tour in GE (although first option preferable for those without this at home). Now just need to check it's not filtered :-(
I also found a really easy way to switch seamlessly between any slide in a powerpoint, swap between annotating and an ordinary cursor and turn my screen black or white without needing an interactive board thanks to the twittering of Joe Dale. Guess what I'll be trying tomorrow? :-)


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