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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Class of Wiltshires

Categories: s1 and s2
I blogged yesterday about how I was going to give s2 the opportunity to do a monster field sketch in the style of Stephen Wiltshire who drew Tokyo from memory, among other places. Today, we started the class with a question about events that students remembered in great detail. Once we had explored these, I introduced Stephen's work through a short video. Students seemed impressed by the achievement, which was followed up quickly by this image (I tried to blog this directly from flickr, but needed to include links in my post, so I've put the hyperlink on the photo):
I liked this image because there are one or two famous landmarks, such as Fuji and the Tokyo Tower, as well as some distinctive architecture which people could focus on. We then covered the image up and revealed it periodically in a 'mapping from memory' style activity in groups of 4. There were some excellent efforts, three on display below. I had to mess around with the contrast, so hopefully the outlines are visible:
This was a nice period in a positive days work. Higher responded well to the migration work, while s1 made progress too, both in their class work and the vocaroo tour which, for me, is really bringing home the wealth of international experiences that students have, from Pakistan to Australia to Orange County to Aviemore!


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