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Monday, November 24, 2008

It's in the detail (or in the archive...)

Categories: Population, s1 and s2
In the fortunate situation tonight of not having to reinvent the wheel, as I'm just looking back at last year and thinking there's most of Highers' lesson tomorrow. I'm also remoulding for our purposes a 'Knock Knock' activity on migration that Alan Parkinson suggested, which should make a nice starter. Looking back on ageing/ youthful populations, it might be worth browsing Tony Cassidy's video on ageing populations just as a light hearted reminder of some of what you need to know. Also mining old seams for s2 tomorrow, a wee break with a look at the work of Steven Wiltshire. Finally, s1 will be doing a bit of symbols, might use wheresthepath, cover the map side, and get students to try their own.


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