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Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Categories: Population

Nice n' icy today. Thought the ice might have thawed at 3.30 until I saw a pupil going by at 50 miles an hour on the path across from my room. The cold is making my brain work much slower, as this post has taken ages. Keeping with the train theme from the last post, I'd like to do a stations activity with Higher tomorrow (sorry, terrible pun). I've used these very successfully in the past, but not in recent months, and feel this is the perfect opportunity to do end of unit revision, signpost any problems with knowledge and understanding an break up the double period in a way that will hopefully hold your concentration. Some ideas so far:-

1) a living graph of the DTM, but on the blackboard with post its. Once you have sorted the statements, I'll ask you to justify why you have placed statements in certain stages of the model

2) Wiki on the Whiteboard. Students to collaborate on population questions, then ask a question themselves.

3) An audio activity- probably based around Pyramids, students rather than labelling a diagram sticking the audio directly onto powerpoint.

4) Dominoes/ Taboo words

5) Key words/ Command words activity- Understanding exam questions and outlining key elements of the response

6) Traffic lighting your topic- This will raise your awareness of what you need to study, but will also help me shape your revision

7) One Child Policy as a text message

8) Population distribution as a mnemonic (remember joglab?). This was a topic where we all did individual or pair work. It would be nice to bring it all together with an easy reminder.

This should prepare us for period 2, where I'd like to combine some past paper work with recording homework exercises from a while ago now for woices or vocaroo use. Remember, please feel free to comment on the wiki or here on the blog with any questions you have that you have either forgotten to ask or are perhaps reluctant to ask in class. Thanks to Don Solo (!) for the photo.


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