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Monday, December 01, 2008

Here's home in another life...

Categories: Geography General, s1 and s2

I was put on the back foot today when an s2 student asked me which country in the world I would most like to see. She had been telling me about someone who had visited Canada and Alaska, and when asked the question, I realised I had never really thought about this. I had talked of cities I would like to see, but never a country. After a few seconds thought, I answered New Zealand. When asked why, I instantly answered that there was just such a variety of physical geography to see in a (relatively) small place. This happily and completely unexpectedly coincided with the news that Google have released streetview for New Zealand (via Google Earth blog). I spent about half an hour going around some of the street view locations in Google Earth and one of the things that is really noticeable is the lack of people in lots of the panoramas. The other thing is how big the landscapes are-big skies, big mountains, big seas. Spend some time on Google Earth exploring streetview for a place that's important to you. Probably an ideal follow up to s1 vocaroo task. The image above is of Mount Cook.


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