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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Walk out to Winter

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Categories: Advanced Higher
Providing it's not whiteout conditions (which very unfortunately looks increasingly unlikely), Advanced Higher and I are doing quite a bit of urban fieldwork tomorrow. The route takes us from the outskirts of the city to the fringe of the CBD. We had a look at a number of maps re: economic and social data from an excellent website before deciding if our route was suitable i.e. not too uniform in characteristics. We've also decided on a systematic sample roughly every 1/3 of a mile giving us 15 sample points (wonder why!). The variables we will be looking at will be environmental quality, traffic, residential type and land use-maybe a couple of others, but it's a small group. We'll also do some field sketching and photography along the way. I'm hoping this finally lights the fire under some for your own geographical study ;-) If we get time, which is unlikely, I'd like to have a look at the riverfront in Glasgow along to Glasgow Harbour. Failing needing the moonboots, still looks like it'll be a cold one, so I've already google mapped the coffee shops! We can do so much with these results, including some mapping, graphs and statistical techniques. There is also a fieldwork question in the Advanced Higher paper now, and this means we will have covered both physical and human fieldwork techniques in significant detail. Now all I need to do is hit the photocopier early tomorrow...


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