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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Human Behaviour

Categories: Development and Health
Weekly installment for s4-all about human influence on levels of development. We played the Trade Game last week and I believe Miss Gordon has been doing an ICT exercise with you for the last two periods. I'm going to come back to the game to see what you learned. How did you trade? What made trade difficult? How did groups increase their chances of being succesful traders? What did you find unfair? Was there any evidence of cheating? How was it dealt with? What was the role of the bank? Were they even handed with all groups? What happened if you were in debt to the bank? Many questions about this factor to help us understand the role of trade relationships in development. I'd then like to show you a video clip without commentary. It's very current, and I'd like you to think about what is happening in the clip,where it's happening, why it's happening, who it involves and what's it got to do with development?


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