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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Tattoo you (but mostly voicethread...)

Categories: s1 and s2, Development and Health, Advanced Higher

Been using voicethread tonight, which just looks fantastic. I can see being able to use this so effectively for tutorial purposes, but tomorrow I'm going to bring it into s1 to find out what students would like to learn in their next topic, a country study. This will be part of a wider activity where I'm trying to find out what you already know, how you'd like to learn about your new topic and how we could share our work. This will also obviously be one way in which we can share. Although I'm giving you some control over this, there will be certain aspects of the country study which I'll want to make sure we do too, so please try to think of some questions within these areas as well. I can think of a great use for this for s2 within the next few periods, so I will probably show you how to find your way around the page at some point tomorrow. It would be good if we could buy into the school package for this to give you more control over its use. Aside from that, it's a breakdown of what I'm looking for in your Tokyo written work.

Advanced Higher have a load of field results, and I'm basically going to put the questions back to you-How would you use the results if this was your own enquiry? Are the results meaningful or flawed? What possible hypotheses could they be used to test? We have already agreed that there is an obvious statistical test purely from the number of samples and some of the data types, but I want you to think about other things-maps, graphical techniques etc

Higher start a new topic tomorrow, Development and Health. For the last two years I've used a starter which involves some members of the class representing countries and being directed into an order by other class members. We then discuss the reasons for the order before leading into development indicators. I'll do this again, but I'm also going to try to give you back some of your past papers on population.

And finally, do you know where the Great Land of the Tattoed is? And if you do, should this man move there? More on this in a silly starter for some classes tomorrow.


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