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Monday, December 15, 2008

Journey to London, Journey to the White House, Journey to the off switch

Categories: Geography General, Games and Quizzes
I have the feeling that Miss Armstrong thinks I spend too much time on the web, and despite my protestations, it has been confirmed tonight that

i am a geek

but only just! Don't know how to feel about this, think I'll go and have a rant in ASCII ;-) I suppose even taking the test suggests a certain level. As readers, you are entitled to be a little more private in your geekiness :-)Think it's maybe time to switch off the laptop during the upcoming holidays...
Anyway, moving on swiftly... Liked Obama's journey in Google Earth via one of my favourite blogs. It seems he has had quite a life of achievement, I just hope it continues in office. Also, time lapse movies seem to be back in again: London to Glasgow in 5 minutes, via Judith R on sln. Not blogging much about tomorrow's work, nothing too inspired, I'm afraid. Trying to push Higher through as much as possible before we break, and all other classes are in the middle of activities which last more than a period.


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