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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A brief one

Categories: Biosphere, Geography General
Just been involved in a flashmeeting tonight. A rather bizarre experience hearing and seeing yourself while you are talking to others online, but a really useful hour, and I look forward to more opportunities to have a chat with enthusiastic and inspiring colleagues. Teacher readers can check out the wiki page here (fm for flashmeet) and can watch the replay from there.
I thought with Higher, I would maybe reprise something that I did with sand dunes, but for soils this time. This topic so far has been heavy on my input and I would like to give more over to students. Here's the idea-Groups set up with a large A3 blank page on the desk. Each student on entering the class given a relevant part of a profile, but not which soil it belongs to. Students have to attach themselves to a profile, then construct this and explain it. I thought I might video the results and send them through cellspin to the blog, but this depends on time as I'd like to get on to sand dune succession, another offering form Val Vannet. I think it would maybe lead to a bit more thought being put into the responses as it's pretty instant in its online appearance. I'm sure s4 could do a variation of this activity with one of their topics for revision. Right, off to do more reports, down to 60 out of 120! :0(


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