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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dumb, dumber and disappearing

Categories: Geography General
This week is Geography Awareness Week. I am ashamed to say that a colleague had to make me aware of that fact! It does give the opportunity in the last week of term to try to raise students awareness of place, and Tony Cassidy has put together a nice activity which I am hoping to use as a starter with s3 tomorrow. I wonder if the class would like to make their own contributions for others to try?

We were talking about the action of glaciers the other day with this class and when I tried to explain plucking, I referred to ' Dumb and Dumber' and the ski lift scene, which just happens to be on as I type :) On a more serious note, it would seem that the glaciers we visited in the Alps are disappearing at such a fast rate that they are causing national borders to be redrawn, thanks to Tris from sln for the video below:


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