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Saturday, May 30, 2009

High Times

Categories: Geography General
I am just getting the blog set up for our Alps trip which leaves on Saturday. I said at the parents meeting that we would be tweeting from France, and I have recently been trying Ubertwitter after seeing Lance Armstrong using it while racing in the Giro d'Italia. What's great about this is that it will allow us to send our tweets with an attached location so that parents will be able to see on a google map exactly where we are at the time (usually high up!). Here is an example of this that I tried the other day. Using this, we can also send geotagged pictures by simply opening Ubertwitter on the phone, taking a picture and writing a message to go with it. I did this today while out with my kids in the tropical weather- which the Alps seems to be picking up from midweek. This means much of what we do will be able to be followed through twitter. Either just type in this blogs address and look at the sidebar for updates, or use your own twitter account and follow us. Be warned, it can become very addictive. I started it for work purposes and have spent the weekend talking about music, the weather, football, books and Glasgow humour! I also said that we would try to show live tracks on a couple of occasions using GPS tracker instamapper, so I am embedding the map here just now and we'll tweet before we turn it on. Apologies about the interrupted track you see just now, I was just messing around with this in the car.

GPS tracking powered by InstaMapper.com

I am doing the same with my qik channel, which, circumstances permitting, we are also going to try to use (although I am mindful that this might be quite costly). I am embedding the channel here, and again, apologies about the dross which is on it just now, just testing my phone by filming my screen!

Not sure where we are going to be staying as I was shocked and also very sad to hear that we won't now be staying at our usual chalets which burnt down last week. We have been guaranteed accomodation either in the same village or Samoens which is 20 minutes along the road, so we will still have access to all the same places and facilities that we have used in the past. Fingers crossed that everything else goes well!


At 10:05 am, Blogger Mr Rogers said...

Looks like an exciting trip! I will be following with interest and hope that your tweeting goes well.

I'm looking to set u a similar trip myself at this school



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