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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Reflections on Copenhagen Glow meet

Categories:Geography General
Was a really interested participant in my first Glow meet on Friday. Myself, Miss Armstrong and Miss Jamieson, along with two of the depute heads were listening in to a broadcast live from Copenhagen Climate Change conference. As I mentioned in the previous post on this, Oxfam and WWF were answering questions from Scottish school students in this broadcast. We had been able to send 8 or 9 questions which were based on those from members of my s3 class (some similar questions were asked by several, so we just attributed all of their names to them). I was delighted when the first question that was answered was from Luke in my class, who had asked about Hydrogen fuelled cars and how suitable it was to be talking about this as a climate change solution for developing countries. We got a great response from the panellists, who more or less intimated that it should be, but with us having a responsibility to provide the technology and information . Hou Yin's question was also asked - about the benefits of climate change for developing countries and wildlife species (although I'll have to take Miss Jamieson's word for this as, at the time, Mr Creighton, the depute head was asking about Glow). Many of the schools participating had webcams and were able to therefore allow their classes to become involved, culminating in a performance of a song by a school in Cumbernauld. I also recorded the whole event, though I'm having some difficulties with playback just now. I was really impressed at the ease with which all of the participants could communicate, and that we could bring something so relevant straight into the classroom. I'm also looking forward to using the Glow meet with my classes, as I've now had a play around with Advanced Higher' s group and see the huge potential. Watch this space!


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