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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Testing Posterous app: Fin me oot walk

Not sure about the app, as I like simplicity of email, but giving this a try. Went out to hide our first geocaches today. Took my son to an old place that people have forgotten about, Caldervale, or Fin me Oot (find me out), which is tucked away off the Blantyre to Uddingston backroad. There are still the foundations of the houses which used to be here, and a rickety makeshift bench which, according to my father in law, used to be where old guys used to sit for a cigarette and a read at one of the magazines which they used to keep planked under the seat. Not sure where the walk leads to as we went to the bridge and back after my son had spotted the icicles hanging from its underside. By then, we had thought of the perfect cache spot :-)

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