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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Revision thief

Categories: s1 and s2, Population, other
Tomorrow, I'm going to start preparing S3 classes for the weather assessment. We'll start off with a topic traffic lights exercise to create a personalised revision plan. I want to then give the period over to an activity I just, em, nicked from the presentation above from Tony Cassidy, where the class split in to 'students' and 'examiners', 9 of each if possible. This will be more difficult with the class of 29 tomorrow, so might need to tailor this and look for alternatives. Basically, it involves an activity where the parts of the topic are split up and students move around the various themes and have to give an account to the examiner (who is marking them). Halfway through, the roles change, so that everyone has a chance to hear others responses (hopefully some good ones) as well as having to think on their feet a little.
With S4, we are at the end of the population topic in both classes, looking at migration. However, Tony has pointed me to some good case study resources which are highly relevant for our purposes, particularly as the Gambia is our own example. Pushing quickly through lots tomorrow to try to wrap up the unit.
S2 are finishing some display work prompted by the resources blogged about in the last post. Thinking of putting some work on here and also might ask a member of the S3 to video some of the revision activity for assessment purposes.


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