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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Impossible Egg

I'm going to use this as a lesson starter tomorrow with my S4 classes. We are looking at Tundra climate and quite a few large scale projects which at first glance seem impossible have been completed in such parts of the world.

I'm going to challenge a few people in the class to have a go at the task, show the solution and then relate this to how Tundra projects have coped with, for example, permafrost, earthquakes, threats to wildlife etc. Hopefully, we can draw quite a few of the solutions out before extracting them from our sources. After this, we can hopefully evaluate their successes.

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At 10:34 am, Anonymous Claire O'Gallagher said...

Sorry to be such a geek, Kenny, but have you seen the episode of the West Wing where CJ tries to prove that you can stand an egg vertically but only at the exact moment of the equinox? Cracking. If you'll forgive the pun. I think it's called 'Evidence of Things Not Seen'

At 11:15 pm, Blogger Kenny O'Donnell said...

Haha, no, you know, I've never actually watched a whole episode of the West Wing. Eggs were a bit of a prop, but think it gave a bit of licence for the heavier part of the lesson. Plus I got a great omelette out of the spares ;-)


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