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Monday, March 07, 2011

Random assessment and moving countries

I started pieces of work with two classes today which I'm blogging for a permanent record, should they work well. My S2 class started a card sort activity looking at the causes, effects of and responses to earthquakes. The class were in groups of three and this was a ten minute activity. Instead of giving the class more writing for understanding, we used the random generator after the assessment criteria had been explained. Some nice choices by the groups so far- a drama acted out in class, a radio weather forecast and a sportscast among others. I look forward to seeing how these develop.

With S4, we went outside for use of a large space. I had allocated each person in the class a country, which they had to display. We were starting development indicators and I wanted to see what their understanding of development was. First, the class were asked to split into developed and developing countries. They were then asked to line up by wealth. This was interesting as the class assumed countries like Kuwait were at the lowest end. We reorganized on corruption, health and finally happiness, before returning to the class for a plenary discussion where actual results were shared.

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