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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lesson 2: Plan A and Plan B

Categories: s1 and s2, Environmental Hazards

For s2, I have a preferred option and a reserve option. Plan A-my preference- is to do two things throughout the period. It very much depends on accomodation. I'd like to take s2 to the computer room. First thing we'll be talking about is something I shelved while we got through the content of Earth Forces, your disaster movies. I will, as requested, give a run through of how to use movie maker, but in case you forget bits, or are not present, here is a video tutorial from Adam Lawson;

Tutorial1 from geogdocs on Vimeo.
Other tutorials available here. I've already shown previous student efforts and the quality is usually very high, so we'll look at a week as the timescale for you finishing these at home/ in school.
Secondly, I would guess we'd have at least 20-30 minutes left after this, time enough to allow you a go at the stop disasters game, something of a tradition now. Might get you to print screen and submit a score to see your name in lights!
Failing Plan A, although it's something we've briefly discussed, we haven't dwelt too long on tsunamis, so we'll use a good video resource looking at the 2004 tsunami. There are accompanying activities, lots of good discussion points, and a homework activity to go with this. We are almost at the end of the Earth forces unit, so time to start preparing for your assessment...


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