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Monday, September 29, 2008

Wordle Mat?

Categories: Rural Land Resources, Writing and Assessment, s1 and s2

I can't remember where I read it, so sorry if I'm not crediting the idea, but I heard of someone using wordle like a word mat, and having students using the word cloud to help them form their ideas in an answer to past questions. I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I'd like to use this in some way for the Yorkshire Dales, but I trialled it tonight using some of the texts from previous responses on the Higher Wiki to Cairngorms questions. Interesting results, as straight away, I'm seeing a lack of named examples ( from my own replies too!), and I'm also wondering how many of these terms would get a mention and in what depth had I set a past paper. I'll maybe speak to the class about this for a while tomorrow, and I'm now thinking that perhaps a past paper during class time might not be a bad idea before moving case studies. It's also reminded me of the wiki, which I've not really brought to the attention of this year's class.
I'll need to try and get my hands on marshmallows tomorrow, but managed to get all the rest of the gear for the earthquake shaking kit. I know there are more impressive ways of doing this lesson, but I am not great at DIY, so this is my limit I'm afraid!


At 5:20 pm, Blogger Mr Rogers said...

Hi Kenny,

Have only recently discovered your blog but am enjoying it! I wrote about the use of Wordle a while back http://daviderogers.blogspot.com/2008/06/clouds.html and have also used the idea to help lower ability students figure out mystery activities. The prominent words really help them to sort the cards out. Has proven to be a really effective strategy. Also other ideas are discussed here http://www.learningnet.co.uk/ubb/Forum5/HTML/016846.html

Like this idea to use for GCSE case studies!


At 6:16 pm, Blogger Kenny O'Donnell said...

Cheers David,
I knew I'd seen this somewhere before. I think today there were mixed results, maybe because I used it in groups and some groups responded well to it visually. Saw enough to try again!




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