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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lessons 3 and 4: Coasts and coffee beans

Categories: Rural Land Resources, Coasts, s1 and s2
The Higher on Friday was pleasing, with some good results from our group exercise period 2 of the double (I'll start the period tomorrow with a bit of feedback), and a chance period 1 for me to sit with individuals and chat about progress, which is always welcome. Tomorrow, we start the coasts part of Rural Land Resources. Again, nothing absolutely new here, but getting your examples sorted is again the key. Cue old powerpoint from two or three years ago:-

On of many things which will no doubt be blocked yet again in school with changes to the filter, but I've got a copy at school, this is just for revision. Also, very pleased with the recent use of the wiki, small and large changes alike. Some corrective work can be done on the whiteboard by me while you work on some of the booklet work, saved and then posted here hopefully (or maybe posted on the wiki?)

Last, but by no means least, s1 are looking at the theme, Brazil:Rich or Poor? I had a good lesson with my other s1 using a serious of images from around Brazil-some great discussion, and also some very observant pupils! Some of the images were related to Brazil's resources and this one came up

Can you spot the face?


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