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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

World made by hand: A follow up

Categories: S1 and s2
Blogging this at the end of interval, having did this with my s1 last period. Started the period with a discussion about Brazil's resources, asked pupils to remember that resources were not only a local or national concern, but a worldwide concern. Gave pupils the scenario detailed- no oil, resource shortage and violence, climate change acceleration etc. 5 minute discussion time in pairs on what things students would miss, then feedback to class:

Then, posed the question- would it be such a bad place? What would they like about their changed lifestyle?

Lastly, an activity geared towards our link. Our poartner school has asked to do something on environmental change, and thought we could send some examples of written work:-

I initially had fears about this lesson, but they appeared unfounded, and the class responded really well to the activity. Well done!


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