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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Despot of the beasts? Entomology meets art...

Categories: Development and Health

Been racking my brains tonight about ways to introduce the health part of the topic. I used the Malaria clock last year, and I have an idea for using this again. I recorded the clock here and let it run for just over two minutes. In that time, the number of people afflicted by the disease was roughly equal to the school role, and 12 people would have died. I saw another statistic tonight on twitter which compared a current tragic news event, the death of around 30 people in a UN run school in Gaza to Malaria deaths per day (3000+). While there is no visible conflict, it could be argued that the biggest fight many developing countries face is the threats to the health of their population. This impacts on so many aspects of development and becomes a driver in the vicious circle of poverty.

I also thought about using some starter images, one of which is disturbing but illustrates the desperate problems of nutritional disease in some countries. The other is part of an advertising campaign to raise awareness of malaria and is shown above. I think there is good discussion in both. There was a very good article about malaria in the National Geographic a while back too which might be worth using in a few periods time. I'm now officially too tired to think. Logging (nodding?) off now...


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