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Sunday, January 04, 2009

QuizzEgg and other ease-ins

Categories: s1 and s2, Development and Health
I think the first day back is always very hard. Many students (and many teachers!) are still in half holiday closedown, so I try to make these periods a gentle ease-in. With s2, I am moving on topic soon, but I thought I'd do a Jeopardy type game to bring together what we've learned, and for Higher, I have a QuizzEgg game, which requires a passcode. If anyone wants this, I'm more than happy to give it out, but I thibk I might do this in pairs in class as a twenty minute starter. Some of the questions should lead to other elements of discussion of NIC's v Sub Saharan Africa regarding the stages of economic development. I'm going to be using the powerpoint below with s2 tomorrow, so I'm saving myself a bit of work tomorrow night and bargaining that s2 will, indeed, be in that half holiday mode mentioned previously and won't be looking at the blog tomorrow night for the answers ;-)

World Climatic Regions


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