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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fight the Power!

Categories: s1 and s2, Advanced Higher

Right, apologies about this rant, but here goes...Feel as though today has been a battle with technology- operating systems, machines, browsers and internet filters! I have been trying for three days to show a screentoaster tutorial for Edmodo to my s2 which works perfectly in my own room. The reason I am using screen capture to show this is because it only runs on Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox browsers. The authority won't allow the former due to security issues (fair enough) and I am waiting to see if I can get firefox installed. So, thinking that, at least with the video of my screen, I'd be able to show s2 how to submit the homework to me, I then discovered that the video wouldn't play in the room I've been displaced to. Asked the tech about this, thinking it might be because one machine XP and one Windows 2000 and she reckons it's the video card in the older computer. So, I've now used software to capture the screen capture! During all of this, I tried to access yesterdays wordle and it has been blocked again (this seems to have a love/hate relationship with websense)... tiring stuff (and that's just for the reader). I can understand the need for filtering, and I know I'm in a school where I'm lucky with the access to technology I've got and some of the things I've been allowed to try with it. Today was just one of those days, I suppose.

Tomorrow I pray for an easier route to resources. Got Pearsons Product to do with Advanced Higher. This is a bit like Spearmans Rank except since you are using real numbers rather than ranks, it's even easier to make a tiny mistake which throws the whole thing ;-) I'm reminding students again about my statistics bookmarks and I have another helpful resource to give out tomorrow too. s1 starting cities in Brazil, will do the usual split image starter for this using Paraisopolis and see where it takes us.


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