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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Categories: Rural
Higher will be starting the Rural topic tomorrow in the double period. We could maybe use a flickr slideshow to start the period to define 'rural'. There are so many fantastic rural images here and we could perhaps look at 5 words to define rural as our first activity. It would also be interesting to see how you view rural areas in economic terms- are they rich or poor, is it all just farms and farmers? There might also be scope to use Noel Jenkins 'Rural Earth' here too. Does this walk fit with your preconceptions about rural areas? What things stand out in the film and what things are noticeable by their absence? Staying with flickr, it would be interesting to move away from our own landscapes to look elsewhere. We could compare and contrast the images that I'll blog after this

Last cut
Originally uploaded by oneof42

Finally, after looking at these, I'd like to look at how we can classify agricultural systems as having inputs, processes and outputs. We'll use a resource courtesy of Miss Armstrong for this along with the Higher text. It's been a long week, looking forward to toasting the bard at the weekend :-0)


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