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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Scorching blinding sun above, below (but not outside)

Categories: s1 and s2, Rural, Advanced Higher

Mentioned slideboom in the last post and have been looking at some more of its features. It seems that you can highlight and annotate your presentation and then save the changes online. This would be good at this time of year for working through exam style answers, inviting class feedback and then marking that feedback on the presentation. If I get time tomorrow, I'll put a couple of rural answers up for Higher and then share the slides here.
s2 are hopefully going to start looking at hot deserts tomorrow. Probably no better way to start this than by using one of your own piclits, can't remember whose:

I think we'll spend a bit of time using some of the very descriptive terms on the picture to open up the topic, and I've also got a collaborative homework for just over a weeks time for you to consider on people and drought. I think we'll maybe try and do a bit about Dubai while doing deserts too, but later in the topic :-)

Advanced Higher started looking at Pearsons Product on Friday and I'd forgotten how lengthy the workings of this can be. We were using the resources on Highland Learning, but with the sound off and the slide timings taken out so that we could work through the test as a group, so it probably makes sense to do the same with linear regression. A maths and statistics university student laughed at me on Friday when I told him we were doing this. I'm not quite sure how to take that!

Finally, s1 are using the ideas behind another lingo2word task from a while ago to explain the contradiction of Brazilian cities, skyscrapers next to the slums. This part of the unit culminates with building our own favelas, so I'll tentatively introduce this tomorrow too.


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