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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Categories: s1 and s2, Advanced Higher
Had fun with s1 this morning using voicethread, music and mind mapping and both classes seem really nice. I was very impressed with some of the topics that Advanced Higher are considering for their folio work too. Here is a sample for the Issues essay:

Outdoor Access Code: Has the right to roam affected Conservation efforts in (area)?

Genocide in Rwanda: Never again?

India and Globalisation: Boon or burden?

Is American Industry right to lobby for loose environmental legislation?

and again with the personal study:

Is there a need for a flood prevention scheme on the White Cart Water?

Swine Flu: A local case study of containment v a Pandemic

Is Glasgow's transport strategy reducing congestion issues?

Is the CBD of Glasgow losing its status?

Some other students have rough topics which are being worked on for the weekend. One student in particular would like to do a study involving the lithosphere element of the Higher course he has just completed. All of the studies that we have submitted before have either been human geography based or have used hydrosphere/biosphere physical topics. Without significant travel, I am struggling to think of a topic which this student could undertake. Does anyone have ideas that they would be willing to share with him? We are in a school in an urban area. Please leave a comment, or contact me through twitter at @Kenny73. I know your help will be most appreciated.


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