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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new...

Categories: Industry, Advanced Higher, s1 and s2
Tomorrow is the single period where I have the pleasure of teaching s4. From my
understanding, they have been working on industry type and a little about factors affecting industrial location. One of the things I find is that NAB and exam questions about industrial location tend to see students get a little bit confused about which factors affect old and which affect new industries. For instance, in a recent assessment, several candidates spoke about the need for new businesses to be close to large populations. I think I'll start the period with a discussion about industrial location and then do two seperate diamond 9s for both old and new industry. I will also begin to look at features of industrial landscapes, and Ollie Bray some time ago posted about some great images, some of which are shown below (click on the picture to link to all the photos)
Ollie also posted about Eurocentral, just along the M8 from us, and I am going to use these pictures as an example of a new industrial landscape:

Advanced Higher started looking at standard deviation today and for the first time I was able to share a valid use of this statistical technique for each of the geographical studies the students are doing. I don't know if this was luck or just that teaching it for the last couple of years helps me understand its usefulness. Finishing this tomorrow, while I was really pleased with how our pop-ups went with s1 Hurricanes, as well as quite a rowdy singalong to The Hurricane Song! Round two of this with my other s1 class tomorrow


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