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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ho Ho How long to go?

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Categories: s1 and s2, Coasts, Advanced Higher
I think with s1 tomorrow, I would like to stop and take stock of where we are with the unit. I'm going to do a little bit of self assessment at the start of the period on what I feel we should know about people in Brazil and also the rainforest topic. I'll then be showing some Bruce Parry to hopefully again challenge the opinions expressed on this. I've also asked a colleague from Carrick Academy to ask her students to add to this, but to add opinions which contradict the ones already there. At some point, I'd like to tie this in to the events in Copenhagen, and I loved the idea of hope trees from Dan Roberts in Saltash School.Most of my students seem pretty fixed on their opinions that removing the rainforest is a bad thing, but I wonder how many of them think about the impacts of their own actions here? The hope trees would be a nice way to involve students in personal pledges.
With s3, I'm going to hopefully play back the video from some of Friday's Glow meet, but would also like to push on with coastal land uses and conflicts. A reminder to complete your feedback on the animation narrations on edmodo, please, to finish the physical features part of the unit. I'm going to start with the 'physical' conflict at coasts where erosion threatens existing land uses. A quick and easy card sort should do the trick here. I'd like to follow this with a variation on mapping from memory. I'm going to show a series of pictures for 30 seconds before blacking them out. After the black out, students have to identify as many of the land uses in the picture as they can to start our discussions on why certain activities are found in coastal areas.
Finally, with Advanced Higher, we are going to have a pretty small group tomorrow due to the jammy, I mean, fortunate individuals who are on the ski trip to France. This should give me a good opportunity to spend some time helping with redrafts of issues essays and organisation of fieldwork for your study. I also want to try a meet through the web in the evening to do a bit of map revision. We can record it so that the skiers can do some apres ski revision during their holidays :) A week and two days, not long now...is it time for sling shot Santa yet? Probably not now or ever, but you might want to waste your time doing something as embarassing as the video above. Sorry for the disturbing images :)


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