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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Favela madness

Favela madness from Kenny O'Donnell on Vimeo.
Categories: s1 and s2
This is 1@3 in action today, as filmed by Miss McKay, who has joined us for a short time. Please listen with the volume down! This will hopefully let your parents have a look at what happens during the activity, and the video on vimeo has a short explanation of why we are doing it. Apologies for the horse racing commentator who can be heard in the background from time to time ;-)
With 1@6 tomorrow, thought we'd factor in a weather lesson to take advantage of the snow. I thought we could start using the last posts video through a loop on powerpoint as students come into the class. I wanted to talk about your experiences of the weather- how long did it snow where you were, what problems did it cause for you or your family, what wider problems did the weather cause (loads of news clippings), why do you think these problems were not foreseen? Thought it might be nice to let you rate your snow (I'll show the #uk snow map) but also talk about forecasting. How reliable is the forecast (the snow was predicted, but we still had major problems)? What happens when we get it wrong? This clip could be useful:

We are then going to attempt an ICT activity where I'll get you to research three days forecasts in class and compare to the reality for homework. This will actually be very good prep for extreme weather and Hurricanes and the impact of forecasting the strength and track of the storms.


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