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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An idea shared is an idea halved

Categories: Rural,s1 and s2
We used the classroom in a box today to start looking at intensive peasant farming. Students tried using the compfight search, which was OK under my log in, but not under their own (flickr blocked for students), so we had to adapt things slightly which was a shame. We should by now know what terms such as Padi, Sawah, Bund and threshing mean, and tomorrow, I'm going to let students loose on the case studies themselves via this presentation from here - not sure of the school this is from, so apologies for lack of credit. This will hopefully allow me to finish marking the NABs as I'd like to get these back to students tomorrow. Advanced Higher are out doing work for their studies, and I'm hoping for some kind of reporting back tomorrow.
In case s2 can't access the next homework, I've put your powerpoint here. This is another shameless steal of someone else's idea, this time Tom Barrett's who used it with teachers to compile uses for flip cameras. We're using it to try to learn a bit about drought and desertification independent of the core work. Hopefully as you will be seeing the presentation grow, it will give you some ideas of your own. We can't access google docs in school, so I'm asking you to either bring me a slide, or send it through edmodo (one already in, well done Vivienne!)

I'll add your slides when you send them and then let you give some feedback yourselves. Anyway, speaking of edmodo, off to do first round of marathon marking session :-(


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