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Monday, January 26, 2009

Yesterday for today, now tomorrow

Categories: s1 and s2, Rural
I have only recently found out about cooliris ( see what it does here), which is a really cool way to view images on your computer. I would love to have this at school, but as its a download, might have to settle for less. I've used flickr slideshows, which are nice, but I found this site tonight, which searches through flickr and shows a larger number of images in your screen than say a google or a flickr image search. I might use this tomorrow with Higher, as we're looking at our last agricultural system, intensive peasant farming. We could pull out some pictures which would help us think about the inputs, processes and outputs, the field layout, the settlement pattern and the population density before using the booklet to piece it all together.
With s1 and s2 it's a bit of what you should have done today. s2 spent more time on the Tundra questions than I had planned but, to be fair, in hindsight my timings were a bit unrealistic. We'll do the hot desert starter after a homework task intro. s1 will probably do the 'City of Men' 5 W's activity. I thought this worked reasonably well the last time we used it with a class, so we'll use it again tomorrow.


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