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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pop ups, past papers and podcasts

Categories: Atmosphere, Advanced Higher, s1 and s2
It's been an eventful day today. Although we have moved on to look at wild weather with s1, we had time to revisit our favelas activity. I had planned to show the video of students talking about their projects, but unfortunately, my able assistant, Jack has unwittingly included half of the class in his camera angle. Might show these back in class if we have time, but some excellent work. Also, finished uploading the slides that I have in old ppt format to s2's presentation, only waiting on 5 or 6 which I'll need to convert now. Please have a look and comment on each others work through your edmodo page.
I was talking to one of my s1 classes today about hurricanes and gave Tony Cassidy's pop up hurricane (above)a go. This seemed to work well after a myth buster starter activity, so we'll probably use this tomorrow with the second rotation.
With Higher, I had cause today to think about the way I have been approaching your past paper revision. I have always been keen to mark this work and feel that when it has been presented to me,I have returned this quickly. However, maybe at this stage of the year,this should be less voluntary, as we are running out of class time to do revision before the prelims. It is with this in mind that I've set up anassignments page on edmodo for Higher too,and have posted a rural land resources question. Maybe this will have the same effect as with s2, where I have definitely noticed an improvement in the punctuality of homework, but also the quality. As for tomorrow, we will be trying to round off the atmosphere topic soon, so some global climatic change with a bit of The Great Global Warming Swindle thrown in (might not have the time for all of this, as I'd like to do an activity based around Ollie Bray's geocasts to recap on some of the other atmosphere topics). Thinking about global warming brought me to a great story about Sammy Wilson, the Northern Ireland environment minister who doesn't believe in it to the point of banning global warming ads!
Will be talking to Advanced Higher about field notebooks, recording techniques, issues essays, map interpretation and just a few other things tomorrow! I've been playing around with latitude on google via my phone with some interesting quirks to the maps. This is a long shot, but I wonder if there is a project/fieldwork in there somewhere re: mapping accuracy from mobile masts for next year?


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