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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Trade winds, t-tasks and a bit of hot air

Categories:s1 and s2, Urban, Atmosphere, Advanced Higher
Been fighting with a google doc for over an hour and I'm having to admit defeat. I'm posting what I've got here just now for s2's activity, adapted from a teachers shared resources idea as detailed on edmodo:

Could you please give the class an audience by adding any comments when the rest of the slides are added (18 still to go), especially if it's positive criticism-this would be particularly useful? Thank you in advance. Also, if anyone knows why I'm finding it difficult to import slides, I'd be most grateful of some advice:

Continuing tomorrow with the desert landscapes posters, while some of the class will be skiing in Kitzbuhel. Looking out of the window just now, they would have been as well staying here :-)
Will be asking s1 about their weather homework, testing favelas and then looking at weather v climate with the help of some resources from Tony Cassidy.
Alan Parkinson highlighted a new generator which I'll probably use at supported study with Higher for a starter activity. Would be interested in the webcams feedback before moving on to look at the ITCZ in class tomorrow. I saw a nice bottle which highlighted our focus for tomorrow (rural land resources at s/study, atmosphere during class time):

Geography in a bottle
Advanced Higher, well I've been waiting on some work for a while which doesn't appear to be forthcoming, so methinks a t-task is in the offing. Got to fill those folders somehow...
Finally, not necessarily something that I can use in class with anyone just now, but read two really interesting pieces today. One was about Prince Charles, who said Dharavi was a great example of sustainable living. I don't teach s3 this year, but this would be useful for a different perspective when my colleagues do. The second was a really vivid portrayal of the cultural geography of conflict in the former Yugoslavia. We teach about forced migrations, but the reality of the situation which leads to it is best left to those who have lived amongst it.


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