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Sunday, March 08, 2009

City limits

Glasgow Boundary Experiment
Categories: Urban, s1 and s2
Had an up and down day on Friday. Downsides came last period with s1 and the dreaded tech problems when trying to show a youtube Rio carnival clip. This kind of took the momentum out of the lesson a bit. I have seen enough to think the lesson could be a very good one, but I think I'd zamzar the youtube clip in future just in case. Up sides came from Higher who did some really good work through Google Earth, which I'd hope to continue tomorrow (unless I get enough marking done tonight to go through the prelim instead). The students gave some really good accounts while defining both the city centre and the boundary of Glasgow. The image above shows some of the files sent to me for the boundary and it would be good to compare these in class too. The city centre file is here, but doesn't include all the explanations, which are somehow omitted when recording a tour in Google Earth. Would like to continue the follow up activity detailed in the previous post.
With s2 tomorrow, we'll hopefully build on the mish mash of Thursday. Had some hungry students eating their way through a mediterranean diet after a long promise from myself- olives, peppers, blood oranges, figs- with desert foods dates thrown in for good measure. We then discussed the qualities of these foods such as the waxy skin as to why they would thrive in the climates that they grow. We then had some time for those who had not already done so to finish off the Dubai homework exercise by creating the placemark in Google Earth for where they would site their sustainable hotel. Will put these on here soon. Finally, we just about got back to where we should have been, which was looking at rainforest climate, vegetation and wildlife through Bear Grylls. We have access to the laptops again tomorrow, so should be able to finish this work. s1 are still learning about people in Brazil, and we have capoiera dancers coming in to the school on Tuesday through Miss MacKay-should be good.


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