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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Last minute post for late revisers...

Categories: Advanced Higher, Rural Land Resources
For Advanced Higher, I just want to say good luck with the prelim tomorrow. I'm not posting any links etc as I think it's too late to start worrying about new information. You won't be surprised by any of the questions. Just remember, the mapping is all about how much you can get from the atlas and the extract-map evidence is really vital here and a vague answer won't do. Try to justify anything you say with a reference to either of these. You will have a stats question, and again, don't worry about formulae, they will be there for you. Take your time and be thorough. It's also likely you'll have to evaluate how useful a certain technique is, then apply your conclusions from your results using your geographical knowledge from pre-AH.
Higher have the Environmental Interactions paper on Friday, and I don't see you on Thursday, so the double tomorrow is a revision cram! I've got a couple of ideas of what I'd like to do. I made a question on teach ict, where you bullet point your answer and then check it against mine. Just remember, no bullet points in the exam. It might be worth having a look here, and exploring the rest of this blog which has some walk throughs of exam type answers. I have also been using diamond 9s with a few classes lately at all levels and they seem to work really well, so I thought we'd look at the one below . Hopefully this will help your technique for answering one of the most common rural land resources question. Don't forget about the student q & a on the wiki page for any last minute worries and also for some previous responses which might help you.

Click here for full screen version


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