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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An oasis in the desert?

Categories: Advanced Higher, s1 and s2
Well, that's one prelim down, three to go. Advanced Higher paper seemed to get a mixed response. Suggesting strongly to some Higher candidates that more revision is needed, particularly regarding case study material (my mantra, I know). Don't forget that you will need to look over your lithosphere notes even though this is your Environmental Interactions paper- you will get a question about landscape formation which can be worth up to 20 marks. The fettes site is good for glacial landscapes and the bbc site for limestone. I'm also putting up my powerpoint for coasts from a while ago:
Tomorrow is my last period with one s1 class. I'll be sorry to see this class go, as I've really started to see the characters in the class lately. Tomorrow, you can leave your mark by publishing some of your work online through a wiki page.
s2 have been looking at hot deserts for the past few periods. We were creating games to test each other about people in the hot deserts, and I'll showcase a couple of these at the start of the period if I can. You were supposed to put these onto edmodo, but there are several of you who seem to have been engulfed by the holiday spirit and have forgotten your homework :-0 I'd like to look at another aspect of living in a desert climate by looking at Dubai tomorrow. This really is an amazing feat of human engineering, but I'd like to look at the issues around this through some of the resources here, which I think were the work of Noel Jenkins. This will probably take a couple of periods.


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