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Monday, March 02, 2009

Ogres have layers...

Categories: s1 and s2, Industry
I enjoyed the reaction to Fergus in s2 today. We will revisit the theme of food on Thursday, but tomorrow, we start our last climatic region, one you will already be quite familiar with, the rainforest. Last year, you looked at people in the rainforest, but this time, we are more interested in the natural environment and habitat. I'm therefore going to start with no image, but maybe some sounds to start our mind movie which will place us in the middle of the forest. Sights, sounds, taste, touch, smell will all be considered as we try to imagine what it would be like. I think we'll then see how Bear experiences the environment. Your challenge here will be to try to summarise the physical environment, including the climate, from the clips. Then we're going to leave Bear behind (sorry, Ronan) and look at the idea of forest layers. I saw an idea somewhere for this a while ago (probably also on sln) which used pupils to recreate these, but I liked the idea of David Rogers on sln of using this video clip as a starter- What has Shrek got to do with the rainforest?

There might be the chance to visit a webcam in class too to see what's going on in the TRF.
Industry again with Higher, now that the prelim is by with. I'll need to go back and look at how you classify industry and locational factors, and I think I have a dustbin game on classtools , which I'll try to edit to put some examples from your case study into it.
I had a period to forget with s1 today which was as much my own fault as anything else. As I thought I was co-oping, I didn't prepare my own lesson. Unfortunately, Miss MacKay had to go home ill this morning and left a very good resource for mapping from memory to build on our intro to Brazil. I have done this activity many times with other topics and assumed that it would run itself. I should really have familiarised myself with the resource a little more before using it, and the lesson was more than a bit disjointed. I'll try to bring this back together tomorrow, but I'm also keen to try that activity again with my other rotation- but this time with a bit of preparation!


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